Getting Around the Village

Hub-and-Spoke Design of the Building

The design of the building has three entrances on different sides of the facility (which are like spokes on a wheel).  All of these entrances will lead to a center atrium area (the hub) where the elevators, stairs, and restrooms are located. 

The Parking Lot

There are three main entrances to the building with signs in the parking lot corresponding to entrances A, B or C.  You may park by any entrance, but for services on the main floor, here at the most convenient entrances:

Entrance A: Fitness & Wellness Center, Lab Services, Pharmacy
Entrance B: Meridian Rehabilitation, Cancer Care Center
Entrance C: Meridian Urgent Care, Imaging Center, Cancer Care Physician Offices

Interactive Directory Kiosks (centrally located on first and second floors)



Our tenant directories are located in the atrium areas (by the stairs and elevator) on both the first (main floor) and second floor. 

The directory kiosks feature a touch-screen where you can locate the suite, access directions to an office, and obtain information about physicians, practices and upcoming events.

Facility Brochure

There are brochure holder stands located at each entrance and also at the center atrium on the first and second floors. Please take a facility brochure that will have a complete directory of facility service providers, suite location, map of the facility, and instructions for accessing the free Wi-Fi service.


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